New Lawn Watering Credit

Village of Grafton Utility customers who are new homeowners and/or builders may receive a credit from their Sewer Utility bill for water used to establish a new lawn during the first year of construction, or occupancy for one growing season only. The user will be billed for all water used, but will receive a sewer credit up to $50 per billing quarter with a maximum of $100 total for lawn installation credit. The purpose of this policy is to encourage the establishment of good quality lawns within the Village of Grafton. New lawn water credits will not be honored for any lot or site until a certification of occupancy has been issued for the residence and is occupied by an owner or tenant.

Please contact the Village of Grafton Water & Wastewater Utility at 262-375-5330.
Utility staff will provide a form to complete in order to receive the credit.